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Bringing the best to you...prospective applicants from the following industries...


TSG is bringing together a select group of candidates possessing the skills and experience, the education levels (Masters & PhDs), including the necessary "security clearanced" professionals ready to fill your most critical technical positions in the following demanding areas:

  • Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Systems Administration
  • SAP Certified Engineers
  • Space & Satellite Design & Communications
  • Software Programming
  • Propulsion Satellite Engineers
  • Telemetry Systems Engineers
  • Telemetry Operations Engineers
  • Information Technology
  • Government Communications Systems
  • Satellite Launch Systems
  • Navigational Systems
  • Software Design & Development
  • Flight Software Architecture & Design Engineers
  • Weapon & Missile Defense Systems
  • Sr. Project Engineers
  • Mathematicians
  • Researchers...and more

Register and reserve your space today! Don't wait...

You get the following in the TSG Embassy Suites pavilion:

  • You pay for 1-6ft table & 2-chairs
  • Bring your own banner
  • No cost to applicants/job seekers
  • Unique method of recruiting candidates based on demographically targeted media campaign + TSG's private database...

Contact Us to Reserve Your Space Today for Upcoming Job Fairs!

Call Gloria Morris at 209.756.6777

Two more job fairs to be announced in 2008.

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